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Products of Belize.


Items not intended as a sustitute for a physician's care.
*Not to be taken during pregnancy

Keep out of reach of children.

#01 Belly Be Good: For gastritis, constipation and chronic gas pains.

#02 Flex Free: For anaemia, toxic blood, rheumatism, arthritis.

#03 Female Tonic*: For painful periods, PMS, uterine conditions and menopause.

#04 Cold Season: Take at first signs of cold of flu.

#05 Strong Resistance*: For colds, flu, infections and exposure to infectious diseases.

#06 Male Tonic: For male virility, kidney and bladder.

#07 Nerve Support: For Stress and insomnia.:

#08 Clearing Support*: To tonify organs and to detoxify the blood.

#09 Back Support: For back and neck ache, muscle spasm, athletic strain, and to halt the onset of asthma.

(All products are in 1 ounce quantities)

All Rainforest Remedies products are $15.00,

(Minimum order 2 items, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery)

Please send a check or money order to:

Atlantis Herbs

Suite 697 Hattie Lane

St. Paul, MN 55125


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