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Rainforest Remedies

Ix Chel, Maya Goddess of Healing

Products of Belize

Centuries old Mayan health remedies developed in part with Don Elijio Panti, the oldest traditional Mayan Shaman in Belize, Central America.

For centuries the mysterious Maya of Central America have used the indigenous plants, roots, bark, and herbs of the now rapidly disappearing rainforest as remedies for dozens of ailments from insect bites to diabetes.

Indeed a large number of medicines used today are direct substrates of plants obtained from the rainforests of Central America. Some of these contain alkaloids exhibiting cytotoxicity against some forms of cancer, leukemia, influenza, Hodgkin's disease, poliovirus ll and the list goes on and on. It is little known that the belizian wild yam led to the discovery of the birth control pill, something traditional Mayan healers have known for generations.

Less than 1/2 of 1% of the planets 250,000 plants and herbs have been analyzed for their medicinal properties. Of that tiny amount 25% of all our pharmaceuticals have been discovered.

Your purchase of a rainforest product helps to prove that the forest is worth more standing than destroyed.

The ingredients in RAINFOREST REMEDIES are wild-crafted from rainforest areas that have been cited for development, and contain Bio-active compounds which assist normal metabolic functions. Traditional healers have used these remedies for 1000s of years to promote the health of the human body and soul.

A portion of the proceeds from RAINFOREST REMEDIES are shared with the traditional healers and educational programs in Belize, environmental conservation agencies and ecological preservation societies to promote the awareness of the disappearance of tropical rainforests and protection to all of our INDIGENOUS FRIENDS here on planet earth.


Items not intended as a sustitute for a physician's care.

Rainforest Remedies does not imply any medical claims.
* Not to be taken during pregnancy

Belly Be Good

For gastritis, constipation and chronic gas pains.

Ingredients: Man Vine, Ginweo, Guaco, Cane Alcohol and water.

Flex Free

For anaemia, toxic blood, rheumatism, arthritis.

Ingredients: China Root, Wild Yam, Cane Alcohol and water.

Female Tonic*

For painful periods, PMS, uterine conditions and menopause.

Ingredients: Copalchi, Man Vine, Billy Webb, Skunk Root, Ginger, Wild Yam, Cane Alcohol, and water.

Cold Season

Take at first signs of cold or flu.

Ingredients: Jackass Bitters, Garlic, Cane Alcohol, water, Cayenne.

Strong Resistance*

For colds, flu, infections and exposure to infectious diseases.

Ingredients: Billy Webb, Jackass Bitters, John Charles, Cane Alcohol, water.

Male Tonic

For male virility, kidney and bladder.

Ingredients: Balsam Bark, Corn Silk, Man Vine Root, Cane Alcohol, water.

Nerve Support

For stress, and insomnia.

Ingredients: Man Vine, Cane Alcohol, and water.

Clearing Support*

To detoxify the blood and to tonify the organs.

Ingredients: Chicoloro, Billy Webb, Jackass Bitters, Guinweo, Guaco, Cane Alcohol, and water.

Back Support

For back and neck ache, muscle spasm, athletic strain, and to halt the onset of asthma.

Ingredients: Strong Back, Wild Yam, Man Vine, Cane Alcohol, water.




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