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Rainforest Remedies



These are exclusive herbal extract formulas using Rainforest Herbs which are gathered with prayer and care according to ancient Mayan tradition.  We have initially introduced nine of these formulas in the USA.   They are all available in 1 oz. fluid extracts for easy use and assimilation in the body.
"Less is more..."
Both the Mayan and Oriental Medicine have shown us that taking small amounts of these energizing micro-nutients more frequently is more centering, thus more effective tham taking larger doses less frequently.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that when one begins to experience the discomfort of imbalance, one should take 10 drops of the appropriate remedy in 4 oz. of warm water hourly.  When the feeling of balance begins to return, follow the label instructions.

ballBack Support Features an herb known as "Strong Back"as well as other herbs used traditionally to support back function.
Ingredients: Strong Back, Wild Yam, Man Vine, Cane Alcohol, water.

ballBelly Be Good Used to soothe and support the digestive system.  Especially valuable for those with a history of digestive weakness.
Ingredients: Man Vine, Guinweo, Guaco, Cane Alcohol and water.

ball Clearing Support * Formerly known as "Jungle Bitters" an excellenct combination of herbs to be used for internal cleansing and blood purification, these herbs also strengthen resistance when one encounters unsanitary conditions.
Ingredients: Chicoloro, Billy Webb, Jackass Bitters, Guinweo
Guaco, Cane Alcohol, and water.

ballCold Season Warming and clearing, it helps fortify the body and is especially valuable when cold and damp conditions apply.
Ingredients: Jackass Bitters, Garlic, Cane Alcohol, water, Cayenne.

ball FemaleTonic* Because women have special needs based on their anatomy and physiological functions, this remedy is designed to provide special support.
Ingredients: Copalchi, Man Vine, Billy Webb, Skunk Root, Ginger,Wild Yam, Cane Alcohol, and water.

ballFlex Free Supports joint function and flexibility as well as the process of purification and removal of toxins from the system.
Ingredients: China Root, Wild Yam, Cane Alcohol and water.

ballMale Tonic Especially designed to provide cleansing and energetic support for men.
Ingredients: Balsam Bark, Corn Silk, Man Vine Root, Cane Alcohol, water.

ball Nerve Support Valuable for soothing and calming the nervous systems and can be used when experiencing excitement or stress.
Ingredients: Man Vine, Cane Alcohol, and water.

ball Strong Resistance* Provides a strong energetic defense and is especially valuable for those who often experience poor resistance.  When experiencing the energetic radiance of this formula, the body puts up its optimal defense.
Ingredients: Billy Webb, Jackass Bitters, John Charles,
Cane Alcohol, water.

Products are not intended as a substitute for a physicians care.
* Not to be taken during pregnancy


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