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Rainforest Remedies



These are some of our favorite Rainforest Remedies links:

ball Belize Online -- Tourism and investment guide.
ball You Better Belize It! -- Everything you need to know before visiting Belize.
ball Mayan History and Culture -- Very extensive text about early history, classic period, invasion, modern times, art, religion. Many slow-loading, high-quality photos of Mayan sites, stonework, murals. English translation of course material for University of Mexico
ball Science Museum of Minnesota: Interactive Maya Exhibit -- The best of the on-line museum exhibits, there are lessons in Mayan astronomy, overviews of major city sites, clothing, languages.
ball Eligio Panti -- Sad news, the obituary of this extraordinary Mayan elder and healer, who inspired so much in Belize.
ball American Botannical Council -- has sponsored seminars and visits to Ix Chel that are more study-oriented than tourist walks on the forest plant trail.
ball Sastun : My Apprenticeship With a Maya Healer -- by Rosita Arvigo and Michael J. Balick

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